Fresh Lavender Scent

Multi-Use Cleaner & Deodorizer



For lightly soiled surfaces, add 1 ounce of Precioso to 1 gallon of warm water. For moderately soiled surfaces add 2 ounces of Precioso to 1 gallon of warm water. For heavily soiled surfaces, use 4 ounces of Precioso to 1 gallon of warm water. For stubborn soils, pour Precioso directly on the problem area or on a sponge.


• Floors
• Countertops
• Walls
• Linoleum
• Plastic
• Marble
• Ceramic Tile
• Vinyl
• Kitchens
• Terrazzo
• Metals
• Shower Rooms


55 U.S. Gallons


Causes Serious Eye Damage

Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Wear eye protection and proactive gloves.

In case of fire: Use ABC-powder to extinguish. Store in well-ventilated place. Keep cool. Dispose of content/container to an approved waste disposal plant.

Firefighting Instructions: Use water spray or fog for cooling exposed containers. Exercise caution when fighting any chemical fire. Prevent fire-fighting water from entering environment. Suitable extinguishing media; Foam, dry powder. Cardon dioxide, water spray, sand.

First Aid
Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. If you feel unwell, seek medical advice. (Show label where possible.)

Inhalation: Allow victim to breath fresh air. Allow victim to rest.

Skin Contact: Remove affected clothing and wash all exposed skin area with mild soap and water, followed by warm water rinse.

Eye Contact: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. Get medical attention/advice.

Ingestion: Rinse mouth, DO NOT induce vomiting. Obtain emergency medical attention.

Precautions for Safe Handling
Wash hands and other exposed areas with mild soap and water before eating, drinking or smoking and when leaving work. Provide good ventilation in process area to prevent formation of vapor.

For emergencies, Call ChemTel: 800.255.3924

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