American Maintenance Professionals

nationwide industrial chemical supplier


sewage treatment, refuge & water pollution control

Heavy-duty industrial grade cleaning supplies and odor counteractants.


Restaurant &
Food Service

Daily cleaner and degreaser for different surfaces to remove the toughest messes.


Housing Authorities & apartment complexes

Cleaner is specially formulated for fast removal of corrosion and oxidation.



Industrial grade cleaner, degreaser & other chemicals heavy-duty cleaning.

about us

Established in 1971 we are your nationwide industrial chemical supplier. We have continued to advance our products with the changing environmental standards. Specializing in chemicals including cleaners, degreasers, concentrates, deodorizer and more. Each product has been formulated to create the best solution for all your daily chemical maintenance needs to the toughest jobs.

Formulated to create the best solution for all your commercial cleaning needs.